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April 17, 2011
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[Ciel:] I'm gonna be the greatest thing
So enemies beware!
[Sebastian:] Well, I've never seen anyone great
Who can't even brush his hair
[Ciel:] I'm gonna be the main event
Greater than ever before
I'm brushing up on looking down
Leave the crowd wanting more
[Sebastian:] Thus far, a rather uninspiring thing
[Ciel:] Oh, it's just so great being me!
[Sebastian:] You've rather a long way to go,
young master, if you think...
[Ciel:] No one saying do this
[Sebastian:] Now when I said that, I--
[Elizabeth:] No one saying be there
[Sebastian:] What I meant was...
[Ciel:] No one saying stop that
[Sebastian:] Look, what you don't realize...
[Ciel and Elizabeth:] No one saying see here
[Sebastian:] Now see here!
[Ciel:] Free to run around all day
[Sebastian:] Well, that's definitely out...
[Ciel:] Free to do it all my way!
[Sebastian:] I think it's time that you and I
Arranged a little talk
[Ciel:] I don't need advice
From butlers who just squawk
[Sebastian:] If this is where the world is headed
Count me out!
Out of service, off this planet
I wouldn't hang about!
This child is slowly killing me!
[Ciel:] Oh, it's just so great being me!
Everybody look left
Everybody look right
Everywhere you look I'm
Standing in the spotlight!
[Sebastian:] Not yet!
[Servants:] Let every body go for broke and sing
Let's hear it in the hall and every wing
It's gonna be our Ciel's finest fling
[Ciel & Servants:] Oh it's just so great being me!
Oh it's just so great being me!
Oh it's just so great ... being me!
I was listening to the song "I Just Can't Wait to be King" and when I heard Zazu say "Young Master" I envisioned Sebastian talking to Ciel and I just had to make this.
I'm working on a flash for it, hopefully I can finish it this week.
You can see the slow progress here [link]

Original lyrics found here: [link]
Original lyrics (c) Disney
Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler Lyrics (c) Me
I was just listening to I Just Can't Wait To Be King on Youtube so I replayed it and followed your lyrics to the song's XD It was hilarious
MsMonochrome Aug 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, you make me feel all warm and weird inside. ^_^
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